In the unusual event that you are abducted despite all of the cautious steps you have taken, you should focus on surviving the ordeal.

Sustaining Yourself in the Hands of Kidnappers

When you’re being held hostage by kidnappers, here are some important things to keep in mind.

Assure yourself that you will make it back to the other side unscathed by taking a big breath. Remember that the initial few minutes of kidnapping or abduction are the most dangerous and threatening. Afraid for their own safety, the kidnappers are as well. They might be arrested and prosecuted if they don’t do their part. Because of this, they are on edge and might shoot you if you make a suspect move.

Once an attempt at avoiding the situation has failed, the most crucial alternative is to work with the kidnappers to avert a potentially dangerous situation.

Avoid establishing eye contact with the kidnappers, but if you get the chance, attempt to recall their description so that you don’t put yourself in danger.

In the event that your kidnappers do not have you wearing a blindfold, make a mental note of any landmarks near where you are being led if you are not blindfolded.

Avoid arguing with the kidnappers and follow their directions to the letter.

Avoid acting or behaving in a way that might enrage the kidnappers.

Make a mental note of things like their names, accents, and slangs so that the police may use this information in their inquiry when you are freed.

If you whine too much, they may become weary of you and decide to murder you.

Keep your health in mind. ” It may be tough to receive medical treatment if you experience a bodily injury. As a result, you have no idea when you will be rescued or liberated.

Begin to earn the kidnappers’ trust over time. Make an effort to engage in mind games, particularly with those you deem less hardened. For example, even if you’re pretending to be sympathetic to the kidnappers, show it. Say you understand and blame someone else if they say, for example, that they were pushed to kidnapping because of unemployment. You can try to make them feel sorry for you or put yourself in the shoes of any of their relatives to get them to empathize with you.

During a police rescue operation, lay on the ground to avoid being shot by a stray bullet. As soon as it’s safe to do so, identify yourself to the rescuers.

Only plan your escape if it is completely safe. This should be your final option, and remember that there is no risk-free escape strategy.