Crimes such as abduction and detention in exchange for ransom or other inducements before the victim is freed, sometimes known as “kidnapping,” have increased in recent years and should be taken seriously. The crime of kidnapping is a severe one. A capital offense in various states of the Federation, abduction is now punished by death as a result. While the Police and other key stakeholders are doing everything they can to stop it, is sharing some advice on how to prevent getting kidnapped as well as how to live if you are unlucky enough to be abducted. There are a number of ways to keep yourself safe from kidnappers, including following these guidelines:

Take a different route wherever possible while you’re working out, driving, or taking children to school. In order to hunt you down, criminals may rely on your daily habits to find a moment when you are least susceptible.

*Don’t take rides from strangers, since if they turn out to be kidnappers, you’ll be at their mercy.

  • Never leave home without telling someone where you are and where you are going. In the event of an emergency, be sure to include the person’s name and contact information.

Be wary of anyone who offers you food or drink that you don’t know the origin of. You might be kidnapped and robbed if you aren’t careful.

The youngsters should be taught that they should not take presents from strangers. We must, however, use extreme caution in order to avoid causing our children to become paranoid.

To avoid drawing attention to oneself, avoid public donations, flamboyant appearances, or irresponsible money-spraying at gatherings, such as at parties. You should keep in mind that even when musicians and praise-singers are praising you to the sky, they may unintentionally draw unwanted attention to you.

Keep an eye out for strangers, especially if they’re lurking in the shadows or lurking around your neighborhood. Even though Evans resided on a luxurious Lagos estate for years, no one living there was aware that he was the “most wanted kidnapper in Nigeria” until police caught up with him and brought him into custody.

  • Identify nearby police stations, barracks, and other security zones in the event of an emergency.

The Control Room numbers of key security agencies, especially those located closest to you, should be readily available for use in case of an emergency.

*Make sure your house is safe. You might accomplish this by:

The best way to feel safe while you are alone in the house is to make yourself feel like you have someone around you.

–Activating any available home security measures, such as an alarm system or closed-circuit television (CCTV).

When it’s dark out, make sure your house is well-lit.

Even at night or when you’re alone, it’s a good idea to make sure your doors are secured and shut.

Prior to hiring your domestic help, such as nannies, chefs or gardeners, you should do a background check on them thoroughly. *

Keep an eye on their lifestyle, the people they associate with, and where they are at all times.

Some school bus drivers have been known to collaborate with criminals in order to aid the kidnapping of innocent children, hence they must be closely watched.

Treat your employees with the utmost respect and decency. That’s essential for gaining the trust of the people you’re working with, as well as reducing the risk of criminals using them to attack you.

  • Be cautious when using social media, especially if you’re a novice. Your privacy is at risk if you upload personal information or images online.
  • All of your financial dealings

In other words, where you are at this very now.

A picture of your family or other personal information that would make you an easy target for criminals.

Use all means at your disposal to draw the attention of those around you to a potential danger if it is safe to do so, including yelling or fleeing.

Stay on your toes and keep an eye out. Make sure your phone is charged and available in case you need to make an emergency call.

Drive cautiously, especially at night or on a risky route or if you fear that kidnappers are following you. Don’t be afraid to drive even though you’ve got a flat tyre. Rather than being kidnapped, it’s preferable to lose your car’s steering wheel.

It’s better to have a large group than none at all! As a rule of thumb, you should always work out alongside people in order to get the most out of your workouts. When you’re in a group, you’re less likely to be assaulted than when you’re alone.